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Nostalgic Sodas

Enjoy a delicious blast from the past with our Nostalgic Sodas. Each old school soda is a reminder of simpler times and tasty beverages.

Before Coke and Pepsi created a virtual duopoly in the soda market, Americans could enjoy carbonated beverages from literally hundreds of manufacturers.

Therefore, we're super excited to offer a nostalgic variety featuring well-known brands from the days of yesteryear.

Our vintage sodas are made in a 50's-style bottling plant and feature longneck glass bottles. You can taste the old-school awesome in every American-made sip!

Sugar (along with dissolved carbon dioxide) is what makes soda taste so darned good! But as we all learned from Technotronic and Milli Vanilli, the imitation isn't always as good as the real thing. Well, the same is true with sugar. Those artificial sweeteners found in most sodas just don't taste as good.