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Southern Candle

THIS “ONE OF A KIND” CANDLE,  has a special formulation that attacks the odor molecules in the air and physically breaks down and destroys them in less than 60 minutes with an average area covered being the size of a motel room. This candle can actually ELIMINATE virtually every unwanted odor.

Other fragrance candles simply cover up odor by overpowering them, but those odor molecules are still in the air. Our “Clean Air” candles literally clean the air.

We have different “Clean Air Candles”. Our “Clean Air” is white in color and has a clean and fresh scent, great for people who have Asthma, Allergies, and Cancer patients (help with nausea). Our most popular “Clean Air Spice” is red or light orange in color and has a light fruity, spicy fragrance

NEW Clean Air Candles: Cinaberry, Citrus, Mango Vanilla & Tropical